Enrollment nears half-way mark for Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study

Sep 28, 2017


The ABCD Study has finished the first year of recruitment at 21 data collection sites around the country.

More than 5,000 participants and their families have enrolled in the study and completed the baseline protocol, which includes physical, cognitive, social, emotional, environmental, and behavioral assessments, as well as multimodal neuroimaging and biospecimens collection for hormonal, genetic, environmental exposure, and substance use analysis.

Data from the ABCD Study are available through the NIMH Data Archive ABCD Data Repository. Unprocessed neuroimaging data from the first 2000 participants are currently being shared with data from additional participants added on an ongoing basis. Data include high-resolution structural and advanced diffusion MRI, as well as resting state and task fMRI, and raw E-Prime task files for each fMRI run. The first curated data, including all assessment domains and computational analysis pipelines, from the first ~4,500 participants are expected to be released in December 2017.


ABCD recruiting numbers showing 4,750 by August 2017